Model based Design by Open Source (ModOPS)

Introduction & Motivation


Fig.1: ModOPS Overview

The model-based (software) development process in the automotive or aerospace sector has become indispensable for quality reasons. This represents an important aid to cover the numerous test phases of the product development (for example V-diagram) in addition to the actual design. In the product automation of large mechanical engineering companies model-based design process just keeps entering. Smaller and medium-sized companies do without such MBD processes due to the high training requirements for employees and software tool costs (Matlab / Simulink).

The model-based development process for control algorithms and control relies significantly on system models which should be as good as possible fitted to the reality. The demonstration of the suitability and quantification of the application range of open source tools for model-based development process is a key goal of the project. The access to MBD processes should be possible for small and medium-sized companies in the form of a model library and first identification algorithms for matching between real system and the simulation. Fig.1 shows the various steps of the MBD process.